Organic molecules are ubiquitous and extremely important to our life, including but not limited to, medicines, clothing, and fuels et al. Research in organic chemistry is an essential pursuit for many other scientific disciplines. The development of novel practical solutions of building molecular architecture facilitates the discovery of therapeutics, invention of novel materials, and searching for alternative energies. 
Our research mission is to invent novel and robust methods for organic synthesis and drug discovery, by employing readily available or easily accessible reagents, catalysts, and strategies. 

1. Design and Synthesis of Molecules for the Discovery of Multi-targeted Drugs to Overcome Multidrug Resistance of Deseases.
2. New "click chemistry": Sulfur(VI) Fluoride Exchange (SuFEx) transformations and their applications in discovery and development of new medicines.
3. The synthesis of complex molecules possessing interesting structural, biological and physical properties.
4. Establishing robust synthetic methods to access natural products and their analogues with high potent anticancer and immunosuppressive activity and evaluating the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of the rationally designed natural product analogues for understanding the origins of the selectivity in the cell-killing and the immunosuppressive process.
5. Utilizing both synthetic and physical organic techniques to address the reactivity, selectivity and mechanism problems of the developed methods for organic synthesis.